shonduras youtuberShaun Todd McBride, better known as Shonduras, was born on July 7, 1989 in West Point, Utah.

Shonduras got his name after going on a mission to Honduras between 2006 and 2008. When he returned home from the mission, his friends started calling him “Shonduras”, which is just a combination of Shaun and Honduras.

Early in his career Shaun fulfilled one of his childhood dreams and opened up a skate shop which would then be followed by a massively successful online jewelry store, which would get him heavily involved in social media.

After growing his online jewelry store through Facebook he was able to land a dream job of traveling and being a rep for skateboard and snowboard companies. And it was because of all of this traveling and the adventures he was having that he decided to share those with the world.

Shonduras was one of the first people to start gaining attention on social media through the use of Snapchat. After making an account to share his adventures with his friends and his family, he started to draw on top of the images he was taking. These drawings weren’t your typical terrible Snapchat drawings, these were pretty impressive.

After using his drawing skills to turn an old lady with rainbow hair, into a pony, things started to take off. His sisters started showing their friends what their brother was doing on Snapchat, and all of their friends wanted to follow him to see what he would draw next. This catapulted his Snapchat fame to the next level, and pretty soon he was the king of Snapchat art.

After conquering Snapchat, Shaun decided to get into the daily vlogging game on YouTube. Shaun produces a daily vlog that he dubs “Best Day Ever” in which he documents his travels and adventures through 8-12 minute videos every day. This allows him a little more freedom than Snapchat does, and it allows him to put together the story he wants to tell. His production value isn’t quite as high as Casey Neistat, I would liken him more to Ben Brown without the drone shots, but because of Shaun’s insatiable love for life and having fun, his daily vlogs are extremely entertaining to watch and always bring a smile to our faces.

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anyone have so much fun in a vlog before. Shaun is truly like a child trapped in an adults body. He just has so much fun in whatever he does that it’s almost contagious.

Shonduras’ Camera Gear

While we are unsure exactly what camera great Shonduras is currently using, we do know that he has a very similar setup to that of Casey Neistat’s. Shaun uses a DSLR camera attached to a Gorillapod tripod mount and occasionally uses his cell phone for various shots. We have not seen him utilize a drone very much in his videos yet.

Shonduras’ Latest YouTube Videos

Shonduras’ Vlogging Gear



Camera Accessories

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