What is Daily Vlogging?

Within the past few years daily vlogging has become extremely popular among the rising stars on YouTube. YouTubers who once only released videos once a week, or a couple times a month, are now releasing videos on a daily basis that show nothing more than what they are up to for the day. Essentially they are blogging about their lives, but in video form… hence the term “vlogging”.

As mentioned above, daily vlogging is the act of publishing a video on YouTube every day that outlines what is going on in your life. It can follow your day as you go from one place to another or it can simply be you in your bedroom talking to your camera about what went on for the day and how you felt about it. There is no right way to vlog.

Some of the biggest stars on YouTube have catapulted their subscriber base by focusing more of their attention on daily vlogging. YouTubers like Casey Neistat, who used to post a video once every couple months, now posts videos every single day, and has grown his subscriber base from 500,000 to almost 4,000,000 since he started releasing daily videos. People like Ben Brown, who have been daily vlogging for a few years now, were slightly ahead of their time, but are gaining more and more popularity as this form of content delivery becomes more and more mainstream. And Shonduras, who built his social media popularity on Snapchat, has begun to build on that fame through daily vlogging, just like Roman Atwood did when he spun off his pranks channel into a vlogging channel that follows his family and their daily lives.

Daily Vlogging is something that anyone can do. You don’t need fancy equipment to get started, all you need is a camera and a computer. Honestly, you don’t even need a computer if you have a smart phone. You can shoot, edit, and upload, daily videos directly from your smart phone without ever having to touch a computer, it’s just that simple.

Technology has advanced so much in the last 10 years that most people are documenting their daily lives on a semi-regular basis anyways, but now you can make money doing so, and we want to show you how!

How Do I Get Started with Daily Vlogging?

Getting started with daily vlogging is as easy as editing together all of those clips you took during a day out with your friends, and then uploading them to YouTube. Some of the bigger YouTube stars today are vlogging with fancy DSLR Camera setups, but you can get started with an old iPod Touch, an old iPhone or smart phone, and a wifi connection, it really is that simple.

Pretty much everyone these days is carrying a camera in their pocket at all times… their cell phone. These smart phones have the ability to capture High Definition video and edit them without ever having to touch a computer. If you’re looking for something a little better quality, you can purchase a cheaper Point and Shoot camera and edit the videos on your computer. There are many Point and Shoot cameras out there that shoot incredible HD quality videos that you can then bring into editing software and combine to tell a cool story of your day.

The hardest part about uploading daily videos you YouTube is the commitment it takes to stay consistent. If daily vlogging is something that you want to pursue, and you want to try and build a successful YouTube channel, then you need to be consistent. And that’s the hard part.

Uploading a video daily to YouTube takes discipline and time. This can quickly devour your life, but it can also be extremely rewarding. If you can grow your channel well enough you can begin to receive corporate interest, which can allow you to make more money off of your channel outside of the normal YouTube ad revenue.

For more information on how to get started with daily vlogging check out our vlogging guide here.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and resources to get your own YouTube channel off the ground and begin to share your life with the world!

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